About Us

Greenhouse Balanced is an Australian company focused on offsetting carbon emissions by the restoration of biodiverse native vegetation.   Greenhouse balanced was established in 2001, making us one of the first companies integrating revegetation and carbon. Greenhouse Balanced works with landholders in large scale planting and rehabilitation projects, and locates plantings of trees to offset carbon emissions so that the forests established also filter water, inhibit erosion, control salinity, provide habitat for native wildlife and maintain clean air.


Who we actually are?

 For a short bio on Greenhouse Balanced principals Paul Dettmann and Noel Harvey - click here.

Global Warming

Global warming has no boundaries and will impact the entire planet. It is everyone's problem and therefore everyone's responsibility. Global warming is brought about by the release of carbon dioxide and other gases into the atmosphere. This occurs primarily through electricity generation, and transportation activities. Over time the increase in concentrations of the greenhouse gases are impacting world climate.

Healthy forests however are extremely effective at removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and they do this naturally and free of pollution. The recent Stern review, produced for the UK government identified reforestation as a key activity in combating climate change.   For more information on global warming and climate change see The Kyoto ProtocolThe Stern review and  Global Warming.



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