Our Projects

Reforestation of Indigenous Vegetation

Greenhouse Balanced establishes vegetation which offers climate benefits as well as other environmental services including biodiversity, water quality and improving the resilience of ecosystems.  All our plantings use locally indigenous species, and work to achieve the outcomes of state and federal natural resource management strategies.   For information on our biodiversity based Australian revegetation projects take a look at our Ecological Credits website. 


International Projects 

Internationally Greenhouse Balanced staff integrate land based carbon sequestration with the reduction of poverty and other community benefits.  We have worked internationally with organizations including World Vision and the World Bank.   For more information on the CDM project for the restoration of biodiverse forest in Ethiopia click here.    For information on other international projects, click here


Renewable Energy

Greenhouse Balanced is working with renewable energy projects in the field of renewable biomass.   We are currently establishing plantations of fuelwood to be sold as sustainably harvested, clean renewable energy. Click here to read more.

Greenhouse Balanced is also considering developments in small scale wind energy, keep watching this space to see any developments.





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