Services for Landholders

Greenhouse Balanced works with landholders in revegetation and land restoration, either undertaking all the revegetation works - or partnering with landholders who undertake works on their properties.  Email us at if you are interested in potentially working with us.

Corporate Carbon Solutions

Companies throughout the world are taking positive steps to combat climate change.   Greenhouse Balanced can offer corporate carbon solutions at a company level or develop a program which offers emissions offsets at a product level.   If your company is seeking a particular carbon solution email us and we can discuss the tailoring of a program that suits your needs.

Consulting Services

Greenhouse Balanced staff work with companies and NGOs in the development of climate initiatives with multiple environmental and social benefits.   Clients include the World Bank, World Vision International and the Government of Victoria. If your organization requires specific information on our consulting services, go to our contact us page and send us an email.

Ecological Credits

Ecological credits sequester carbon, but also offer other important environmental services, including biodiversity, water quality and land protection. We invite you to look at our projects at